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Tax Planning Advantage

At Saba Tax Advisory, our methods go beyond a deliverable. We offer year round assistance, making sure our clients are not only claiming, but maximizing their benefits. Discover how you can advance your tax strategy with Tax Credits, Incentives, and Deductions.

R&D Tax Credit

Research and development tax credits can provide significant tax savings for your company by helping to reduce your federal income tax and payroll tax liability.

Cost Segregation

A cost segregation study can deliver increased cash flow with the accelerated depreciation of real estate assets.


​The 45L tax credit incentivizes builders, developers, and contractors to design and construct energy-efficient homes.

Liquid Bubbles

Our 3D Model

 Discover. Document. Defend.


We conduct a complimentary discovery call with your team prior to each engagement to learn about your business activities and determine feasibility for all available tax incentives.  



Our non-intrusive tax credit studies involve securely gathering all relevant documentation as well as documenting our discussions with your team. This allows us to calculate and substantiate your tax credit claim.



In the unlikely event of agency scrutiny, we provide comprehensive audit defense at no additional cost as a guarantee of our services.

“Justin and his team were exceedingly professional, consistently available and highly efficient throughout the process. He helped us lower our tax liabilty by 400k. If you're a real estate professional looking to run a cost segregation study, Saba Tax Advisory is the team you want."

Commercial Property Owner, CA

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